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Table 1 Poll Everywhere Results for Section 1: What is Happening Now with Oral Health Interprofessional Practice

From: Narrowing the rural oral healthcare gap: the 2017 rural interprofessional oral health practice symposium

Question Responses
Agree Unsure Disagree
Interprofessional oral health practice contributes to lower per capita cost; improve patient outcomes, and enhance the experience of care. 37 2 0
I have a growing frustration with the lack of timely progress with interprofessional practice (the integration and coordination of oral health care). 25 13 1
Health information technology systems and their vendors are currently a laggard that stagnates the proliferation of rural interprofessional oral health practice. 38a 1 0
The majority (50%) of providers in your state(s) of operation are entering the primary care setting are prepared to deliver the set of core competencies described by HRSA. ( 1 12 25
  1. aThis was the only question that used a Likert scale response: Strongly agree (n = 17), Agree (n = 16), and Neutral (n = 5)