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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in this meta-analysis

From: Impact of platelet-rich fibrin on mandibular third molar surgery recovery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/year of publicationCountryGenderMean age (Y)InterventionFollow-up (d)Study designOutcomes assessed
Gürbüzer/2010 [28]Turkey7 males and 7 females24.92 ± 4.69Y141428dRCT, split-mouthOsteoblastic activity
Eshghpour/2014 [29]Iran33 males and 45 females25.09 ± 4.25Y78782 and 7dRCT, split-mouthAlveolar osteitis
Baslarli/2015 [30]Turkey7 males and 13 females23.9Y202030 and 90dRCT, split-mouthAlveolar osteitis, osteoblastic activity
Kumar/2015 [31]IndiaNAPRF:25.25 ± 4.2Y Control:27 ± 5.27Y161590dRCTTrismus
Ozgul/2015[32]Turkey23 males and 33 femalesNA56561,3, and 7dRCT, split-mouthPain, swelling
Uyanık/2015 [33]Cyprus4 males, 6 females22.65Y10101,2,3, and 7dRCT, split-mouthPain, swelling, trismus
Bilginaylar/2016 [34]Cyprus22 males and 37 femalesPRF:21.75Y Control:22.5Y40401,2,3, and 7dRCTPain, swelling, trismus
Dutta/2016 [19]India27 males and 13 females27 ± 5Y10103,7, and 14dRCTPain, swelling, soft tissue healing
Al-Hamed/2017 [16]Egypt13 males and 34 females25.24 ± 7.04Y25252,3,4,5,6, and 7dRCTPain, alveolar osteitis, soft tissue healing
Gülşen/2017 [21]Turkey21 males and 9 females20.03Y30301,2,3, and 7dRCT, split-mouthPain
  1. Y years, d days, RCT randomized controlled trial, NA Not available