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Table 3 Internal consistency, test-retest reliability and sensitivity to change of the Italian CF-PDI and its subscales

From: Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the Italian version of the craniofacial pain and disability inventory in patients with chronic temporomandibular joint disorders

ScalesInternal consistency (α)Test-retest (ICC 2,1 and 95% CI)SEMMDC
Total scale0.950.86 (0.45–0.94)5.515.2
Pain and disability0.940.86 (0.47–0.94)3.710.3
Jaw functions0.960.85 (0.57–0.93)2.15.7
  1. α Cronbach’s alpha, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, CI confidence interval, SEM Standard Error of Measurement, MDC Minimum Detectable Change