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Table 2 Demographic and oral health information of EBS-positive and EBS-free subjects

From: Comparing dental plaque microbiome diversity of extrinsic black stain in the primary dentition using Illumina MiSeq sequencing technique

VariablesCharacteristicsBP (n = 10)BFP (n = 10)P value
Age (years)Mean ± SD4.34 ± 0.814.45 ± 0.830.767a
Extrinsic black stain conditionEBS-positive 101.000c
  1. BP Plaque samples from EBS-positive subjects. BFP Plaque samples from EBS-free subjects
  2. a Independent sample non-parametric Mann-Whitney U test was used
  3. b Pearson Chi-Square test was used
  4. c Fisher’s Exact test was used