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Table 2 Comparison of indicators in the recovery period between the chimeric group and classical groups

From: Application of chimerical ALT perforator flap with vastus lateralis muscle mass for the reconstruction of oral and submandibular defects after radical resection of tongue carcinoma: a retrospective cohort study

IndicatorsChimeric group
(n = 26)
Classical group
(n = 25)
Submandibular wound infection
Wound healing time
12.20 ± 2.6915.67 ± 4.090.0054*
Flap operation time
99.12 ± 28.3096.71 ± 20.640.92
Flap survival rate  0.98
 Partial loss02/25 
  1. A: submandibular wound skin redness and edema; B: submandibular wound skin redness with a fluctuant swelling; C: sub oral fistula. Data presented as mean ± SD or n/n, unless otherwise indicated. *Statistically significant difference