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Table 4 Responses to measures of infection control of HIV transmission according to gender

From: Evaluation of oral care protocols practice by dentists in Rio de Janeiro towards HIV/AIDS individuals

GenderPhysical barrierFrequency of use (%)
Use with all patientsUse with some patientsUse just for some proceduresDo not useOthers
(n = 182)
Mask *98.81.200
Protection goggles69.86.2137.43.7
Cap **923.13.71,2
1 pair of gloves - change between patients99.40.600
2 pairs of gloves - change between patients21.310.611.956.3
Autoclaved handpiece44.46.829.619.1 
Disposable gown40.14.930.924.5
Plastic wrap843.14.98
(n = 80)
Mask *92.502.53.8
Protection goggles608.823.87.50
Cap **48.8521.325
1 pair of gloves - change between patients98.801.30 
2 pairs of gloves - change between patients29.57.77.755.1
Autoclaved handpiece52.51022.515 
Disposable gown43.88.833.813.8
Plastic wrap78.87.58.85
  1. *p = 0.01, and ** p < 0.0001, Chi-Square test between genders. Wear prescription glasses