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Table 1 Association between different study parameters and gender. Results of Chi2 test, Fisher test (Fis) and Mann-Whitney (MW). Maxillary Interincisal mildilne (IML), facialmidline (FML), arch of the smile (ArS), curve of the lip (CL), smile line (SL), width of the smile (WS), shape of the teeth (Sh)

From: Evaluation of the maxillary midline, curve of the upper lip, smile line and tooth shape: a prospective study of 140 Caucasian patients

IML/FML0,614 (Fis)
ArS1000 (Chi2)
CL0,315 (Chi2)
SL0,135 (MW)
WS0,951 (Chi2)
Sh0,379 (Chi2)