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Table 10 Checklist items in the “Interceptive Orthodontics” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Moderators 1 Include information on how the abnormal growth and development of the focus (teeth/jaws) can affect the function and anatomic features of an individual, where relevant  
2 Include information on the risk factors that can affect or influence the typical growth and development of the focus of the study including the age or stage (primary dentition/mixed dentition/permanent dentition)  
Intervention 3 Include information on the evidence-based treatment used to correct the malocclusion in children and adolescents (for example, intra-oral and extra-oral appliances)  
4 Include information on a space analysis in mixed dentition and the use of appropriate evidence-based methods, where relevant  
5 Report all the components of the appliance (wire size, acrylic) along with the commercial details of the product, where relevant  
Outcomes 6 Report child/ caregiver/ parent satisfaction and quality of life on the orthodontic treatment outcomes, where relevant  
7 Report patient compliance, habits, oral hygiene, and the impact of orthodontic treatment on dental/gingival health  
8 Report clinical complications in orthodontic or dento-facial orthopedic treatment, if presented  
9 Report duration of the orthodontic therapy and adverse effects, where relevant