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Table 7 Checklist items in the “Preventive and Restorative Dentistry” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Intervention/moderators 1 Include information on the dosage, vehicle, and regimen followed for any in-office preventive strategies used (xylitol, professional fluoride etc.)  
2 Include information on material type, technique, follow-up protocols, and method used to evaluate effectiveness of preventive treatment  
3 Include information on diet and biofilm control measures (toothbrush, interdental aids, antimicrobial strategies) used  
4 Include information on the indications, risks, and benefits of the restorative material/technique of interest in pediatric population  
5 Include information on the difficulty/ease of recruiting children/samples for the study using the restorative material/technique of interest  
6 Include information on the carious tissue removal (selective/non-selective/stepwise) or non-removal process  
7 Report the justification for use of restorative material or technique in primary and permanent teeth, i.e. to highlight the difference or uniqueness in primary teeth/young permanent teeth or permanent teeth  
8 Include information on the level of technique sensitivity or skills/experience required (for example, if a technique can be easily be performed by novice graduates/general dental practitioners or needs specialists)  
9 Report the influence of caries risk and patient characteristics on the treatment outcomes  
10 Report whether moisture control was maintained and what was used for moisture control (rubber dam, cotton rolls, suction devices etc.) during the restorative procedure  
11 Report the socioeconomic status of the population and the type of service where the study was conducted (for example, public health vs private practice; third party insurance vs private pay vs federal insurance), where relevant  
Assessment/outcomes 12 Include information on whether the restorative/preventive regimen followed established protocols (IAPD, AAPD clinical practice guidelines etc.)  
13 Report prevention advice, compliance provided and any modification of health-related behavior  
14 If tooth samples (extracted tooth) were used, include information on the type of tooth, status of development or resorption, and condition of the tooth (non-infectious/infectious/sound)  
15 Report how success and failure of restorative care was defined from dentist’s, child’s and carer’s point of view