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Table 1 Assessments and definitions of oral hygiene and periodontal status

From: Trends in socioeconomic inequality of periodontal health status among Dutch adults: a repeated cross-sectional analysis over two decades

Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (OHI-S) Examination protocol Buccal surfaces of teeth 16, 11, 26
Lingual surfaces of teeth 31, 36, 46
Score 0: no plaque
1: plaque on the gingival third of the surface
2: plaque on the middle third of the surface
3: plaque on the occlusal third of the surface
Definition Plaque-free was defined as all index teeth had OHI-S = 0
Pocket Depth Index (PDI) Examination protocol Random half–mouth protocol
Buccal surfaces of upper jaw
Lingual surfaces of lower jaw
Score 0: < 3.5 mm
1: 3.5 – 5.5 mm
2: > 5.5 mm
Definition (1) Periodontal health was defined as all assessed teeth had pocket depth < 3.5 mm (PDI = 0)
(2) Deep pockets was defined as any assessed tooth had pocket depth > 5.5 mm (PDI = 2)