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Table 1 Criteria for radiographic assessment of anatomical parameters

From: Prognostic validity of the Periapical and Endodontic Status Scale for the radiographically assessed 2-year treatment outcomes in teeth with apical periodontitis: a prospective clinical study

Diagnostic parameters Severity criteria
S, size of radiolucent lesion S0: radiolucency does not exceed 2 times the width of the lateral PLa
S1: diameter of well-defined radiolucency up to 3 mm
S2: diameter of well-defined radiolucency 3–5 mm
S3: diameter of well-defined radiolucency > 5 mm
R, radiolucent lesion in relation to the dental root R1: radiolucency appears on one root
R2: radiolucency appears on more than one root
R3: radiolucency involves furcation area
D, location of bone destruction D1: radiolucency around root apex
D2: radiolucency is in contact with important anatomical structures
D3: destruction of cortical bone
  1. aPeriodontal ligament