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Table 2 Knowledge about the precautionary measures of taking dental radiographs during pregnancy

From: Women’s awareness regarding the use of dental imaging during pregnancy

Knowledge items Frequency (%)
Pregnant women should inform the radiologist if she is pregnant or expecting 355 (86.6)
Pregnant women can take radiographs at any trimester 16 (3.9)
Pregnant women should wear a lead apron and thyroid collar while taking a dental radiograph 102 (24.9)
The radiation dose during pregnancy is less than the usual dose 47 (11.5)
Intraoral films should be held by the film holder 115 (28.1)
Pregnant women can take a panoramic radiograph 54 (13.1)
Pregnant women can take CBCT 24 (5.9)
The risk of cancer among infants due to radiation exposure is very low 46 (11.2)
The risk of fetal malformation due to radiation exposure is very low 47 (11.5)