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Table 4 Dmft index in different study groups

From: Associations of early childhood caries with salivary beta defensin-3 and childhood anemia: a case–control study

Study groups Dmft
Median (IQR)
Carious 5.0 (4.0–6.8)b  < 0.001a
Non-carious 0.5 (0–1.0)b
Anemic 2.5 (1.0–6.75)b 0.134a
Non-anemic 2.5 (0.0–4.0)b
Cases (with ECC) Mean ± SD t-test (p-valuec)
Dmft score for the children with and without anemia in children with caries
Group I (children with ECC and Anemia) 6.20 ± 1.73 4.257(0.000)c
Group II (children with ECC without Anemia) 4.35 ± 0.88
  1. aMann-Whitney
  2. bMedian (inter quartile range); Dmft (decayed, missing and filled tooth), SD (standard deviation)
  3. ct-test