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Table 2 Characteristics of the oral health promotional programs

From: Barriers and enablers in the implementation and sustainability of toothbrushing programs in early childhood settings and primary schools: a systematic review

Author, year (country) Program type Target group/community Program target age Program resource provision to schools Toothbrushing Supervision Program toothbrushing activities
Dimitropoulos et al. (Australia) [30] School-based toothbrushing program Aboriginal community 5–12 years -At the beginning of term children were provided with a toothbrush kit (including toothpaste, toothbrush, and storage container) for in-school resources storage
-Free toothpaste and toothbrushes on quarterly basis
(1) Teachers in two schools
(2) Teachers and oral health aide (older student) in one school
-Once daily toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste at the flexibility of school timing. Usually after breakfast club or during reading activity
Yusuf et al. (England) [31] Fluoride application and toothbrushing program Deprived area of London 3–7 years Not specified Tooth champions from school staff -Fluoride application and tooth brushing sessions at schools
Glaser-Ammann et al. (Switzerland) [32] School Dental Health Program Generally, in Winterthur preschools 4–5 years Not mentioned Schools dental care instructors -Tooth brushing exercises with high fluoridated gels
Woodall et al. (UK) [33] School-based toothbrushing program Underprivileged communities of Northern England-Yorkshire and Humber region 3–5 years -Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toothbrush storage facility School Staff -School toothbrushing activities at breakfast
Natapov et al. (Israel) [34] School-based supervised toothbrushing program Nation-wide program in all nurseries 3–4 years -Toothbrushing storage facility and all the necessary resources Teachers -Daily toothbrushing at schools
Nyandindi et al. (Tanzania) [35] School-based oral health educational programs Both urban and rural schools in Tanzania 7-12 years Not specified Teachers -Health lessons as a part of the school curriculum
-Health lessons (including oral health)1 h per week
- In-school wooden toothbrush development
-Teaching toothbrushing techniques