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  1. The aim of this study was to evaluate the protective effects of fluoride mouthwash on the surface micro-hardness of two types of CAD/CAM ceramics after exposure to acidic solutions.

    Authors: Hamid Kermanshah, Elham Ahmadi, Niyousha Rafeie, Shiva Rafizadeh and Ladan Ranjbar Omrani
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:101
  2. Whether to preserve a structurally compromised tooth or remove it is a dilemma often encountered by clinicians. The aim of this study was to assess the long-term success rate of fractured teeth preserved by mo...

    Authors: Cui Wang, Xue-ting Jia, Min Zhen, Wen-Jie Hu, Hao Zhang and Kwok-Hung Chung
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:99
  3. Cephalometric analysis is traditionally performed on skull lateral teleradiographs for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. However, the skull flattened over a 2D film presents projection distortions ...

    Authors: Benedetta Baldini, Davide Cavagnetto, Giuseppe Baselli, Chiarella Sforza and Gianluca Martino Tartaglia
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:98
  4. This study was performed to evaluate the long-term clinical efficacy of the CA implants (Osstem Implant, Busan, Korea), calcium-modified surfaced treated implants on acid-etched surfaces sandblasted with alumina.

    Authors: Min-Joong Kim, Il-hyung Kim, Na-Hee Chang and Young-Kyun Kim
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:97
  5. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the optical properties of nanohybrid Grandio (GR) and nanoceramic Lava Ultimate (LU) CAD/CAM restorative materials subjected to different beverage solutions and subseq...

    Authors: Shaymaa Elsaka, Salwa Taibah and Amr Elnaghy
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:96
  6. Calls are emerging for oral health system reform under the Universal Healthcare (UHC) domain, while internationally there is an absence of political priority for oral health. In the Republic of Ireland there ...

    Authors: Úna McAuliffe, Helen Whelton, Máiréad Harding and Sara Burke
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:95
  7. Oral health problems especially dental caries are common in school children, and education programs may help to prevent these conditions. The aim of current study was to examine the effects of an educational p...

    Authors: Hormoz Sanaeinasab, Mohsen Saffari, Hassan Taghavi, Aliakbar Karimi Zarchi, Fatemeh Rahmati, Faten Al Zaben and Harold G. Koenig
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:94
  8. Growing evidence suggests that there is an association between poor oral health and cognitive function in late adulthood. However, most studies to date have relied on cross-sectional research methods that do n...

    Authors: Nithin Manchery, Julie D. Henry, Ben C. P. Lam, Nicole A. Kochan, Alan Deutsch, Henry Brodaty, Perminder S.Sachdev and Matthew R. Nangle
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:93
  9. Bruxism is known to cause masticatory muscle pain, temporomandibular joint pain, headaches, mechanical tooth wear, prosthodontic complications and cracked teeth. Less known to the practitioner, and described o...

    Authors: Madline P. Gund, Karl-Thomas Wrbas, Matthias Hannig and Stefan Rupf
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:91
  10. The 2019 Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has affected thousands of people worldwide. To date, vaccines appear to be the only method to prevent and reduce mortality. Four vaccinations have been outwardly approve...

    Authors: Massimo Petruzzi, Sara Galleggiante, Sabrina Messina and Fedora della Vella
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:90
  11. The objective was to qualitatively and quantitatively describe the subgingival cultivable bacteria in Albanian subjects and to compare it with a similar Spanish population.

    Authors: Gerila Tafaj, Margarita Iniesta, Mariano Sanz and David Herrera
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:89
  12. Malocclusion is highly reported among mixed dentition cases. Therefore, we aimed to determine the relationship of dental malocclusions in the vertical, transverse, sagittal planes with deleterious habits in pe...

    Authors: Lourdes Hilda Gabriela Rodríguez-Olivos, Pamela Roxana Chacón-Uscamaita, Antony Germán Quinto-Argote, Graciela Pumahualcca and Luis Fernando Pérez-Vargas
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:88
  13. Autologous platelet concentrate has been widely used to encourage the regeneration of hard and soft tissues. Up to now, there are three generations of autologous platelet concentrates. Many studies have shown ...

    Authors: Siying Li, Hongyi Yang, Qinyu Duan, Hongyu Bao, Aodi Li, Wei Li, Junliang Chen and Yun He
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:87
  14. Sociodemographic parameters are the driving determinants of oral hygiene practices. This study aims to describe oral hygiene practices and associated sociodemographic factors in the Burkinabè population using ...

    Authors: Jeoffray Diendéré, Seydou Ouattara, Jean Kaboré, Ibrahim Traoré, Augustin Nawidimbasba Zeba and Séni Kouanda
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:86
  15. Supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) is the key for a stable periodontal health following active treatment. Likewise, implant maintenance is crucial following implant placement. This systematic review aimed to...

    Authors: Shiuan Lee Tan, Galvinderjeet Kaur Grewal, Nor Shafina Mohamed Nazari, Tuti Ningseh Mohd-Dom and Nor Adinar Baharuddin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:85
  16. The craniofacial developmental abnormality can significantly complicate the oral rehabilitation of patients with oligodontia. This case report describes an interdisciplinary approach that took 7 years to succe...

    Authors: Sharon Aronovich, Yuan-Lynn Hsieh, Richard Scott Conley, Bradley Stieper, Marilia Yatabe and Fei Liu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:84
  17. Following Covid-19, many departments have incorporated teledentistry into practice. As new consultation methods are introduced, it’s imperative that patients have as similar an experience with virtual consulta...

    Authors: Aoife Crummey, Abigail Graham and Eleni Besi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:83
  18. Number of teeth is an established indicator of oral health and is commonly self-reported in epidemiological studies due to the costly and labor-intensive nature of clinical examinations. Although previous stud...

    Authors: Hedda Høvik, Marit Kolberg, Linda Gjøra, Line Cathrine Nymoen, Rasa Skudutyte-Rysstad, Lene Hystad Hove, Yi-Qian Sun and Tone Natland Fagerhaug
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:82
  19. The patients of bialveolar protrusion always demonstrate thin anterior alveoli which may aggravate subsequent gingival recession and bone loss during retraction. This study aimed to investigate the periodontal...

    Authors: Bing Wang, WenQiong Xi, Hui Chen, Jinlong Shao, Aimei Song and Fan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:81
  20. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is multifactorial disease with unclear etiopathogenesis. The aim of this study was to determine distribution of the angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphisms and...

    Authors: Julie Bartakova, Tereza Deissova, Simona Slezakova, Jirina Bartova, Jitka Petanova, Pavel Kuklinek, Antonin Fassmann, Petra Borilova Linhartova, Ladislav Dušek and Lydie Izakovicova Holla
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:80
  21. Risk of enamel damage that often accompanies ceramic brackets debonding raises the demand of finding an optimal method for debonding of them without adverse effects. Different techniques were proposed in an at...

    Authors: Ahmed S. Khalil, Nazla M. Tamish and Ahmed R. Elkalza
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:79
  22. This cross-sectional study aimed to compare two clinical approaches based on visual criteria for secondary caries assessments and treatment decisions in permanent posterior teeth.

    Authors: Cacia Signori, Juliana Lays Stolfo Uehara, Vitor Henrique Digmayer Romero, Bruna Lorena Pereira Moro, Mariana Minatel Braga, Fausto Medeiros Mendes and Maximiliano Sérgio Cenci
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:77
  23. Obesity and dental caries among children and adolescents are growing worldwide public health problems. They share some common and modifiable influences. The objective of this study was to evaluate the prevalen...

    Authors: Rou Shi, Chunwen Lin, Shu Li, Linling Deng, Zhan Lin and Liangchang Xiu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:76
  24. There is a bidirectional relation between oral and general health, therefore collaboration between healthcare providers is needed. This study investigated current interdisciplinary practices (IDP) and the asso...

    Authors: Balgis Gaffar, Faraz Ahmed Farooqi, Muhammad Ashraf Nazir, Eman Bakhurji, Khalifa S. Al-Khalifa, Muhanad Alhareky and Jorma I. Virtanen
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:75
  25. Bone height assessment alone is frequently used to guide rehabilitation choice, without consideration for soft tissues or adjacent teeth. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of different preoperative cleft...

    Authors: Charles Savoldelli, Sonanda Bailleux, Emmanuel Chamorey, Clair Vandersteen, Barbara Lerhe and Franck Afota
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:73
  26. The global incidence of oropharyngeal cancer (OPC) is increasing. Dental professionals play a key role in the detection of oral lesions that could lead to cancer. However, scientific-based HPV-OPC visual inspe...

    Authors: Lilliam M. Pinzon, Alan Velazquez, Holdunn Rutkoski, Djin L. Tay, Lara Martel, Carmen Drury, Shauna Ayres, Barbara Dixon, James R. Winkler and Deanna Kepka
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:72
  27. This study investigated clinical parameters using a new air-polishing device compared to sonic scaling for subgingival biofilm removal during supportive periodontal therapy. The aim was to evaluate noninferior...

    Authors: Anne Brigitte Kruse, Benjamin Jochen Wölki, Johan Peter Woelber, Eberhard Frisch, Kirstin Vach and Petra Ratka-Krüger
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:70
  28. Social capital has a potential effect in protecting oral health among population. However, no study has explored the association between social capital and oral health in the Chinese context. Due to the unique...

    Authors: Suyang Li, Yanfei Guo and Junmei Miao Jonasson
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:68
  29. Oral health surveys aid in estimating the oral health of a population and provide a projection for future oral health care needs. We report the procedures and rationale of a survey carried out to assess the or...

    Authors: Sandra Ama Hewlett, Paa-Kwesi Blankson, Justice Moses K. Aheto, Francis Anto, Tony Danso-Appiah, Josephine Sackeyfio, Kwadwo Koram and Albert G. B. Amoah
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:67
  30. Oral health, coupled with rising awareness on the impact that limited dental care coverage has on oral health and general health and well-being, has received increased attention over the past few years. The pu...

    Authors: Juliane Winkelmann, Jesús Gómez Rossi, Falk Schwendicke, Antoniya Dimova, Elka Atanasova, Triin Habicht, Kaija Kasekamp, Coralie Gandré, Zeynep Or, Úna McAuliffe, Liubove Murauskiene, Madelon Kroneman, Judith de Jong, Iwona Kowalska-Bobko, Katarzyna Badora-Musiał, Sylwia Motyl…
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:65
  31. Oral cancer is considered a major public health problem due to its high mortality and morbidity rates. Survival rate of OSCC can be significantly improved by using non-invasive tool such as salivary biomarkers...

    Authors: Alveena Shabbir, Humera Waheed, Shaheen Ahmed, Sabhita Shabir Shaikh and Waqas Ahmed Farooqui
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:63
  32. The application of calcium phosphate (CaP)-based bone substitutes plays an important role in periodontal regeneration, implant dentistry and alveolar bone reconstruction. The incorporation of strontium (Sr) in...

    Authors: Ming-Dong Yan, Yan-Jing Ou, Yan-Jun Lin, Rui-Min Liu, Yan Fang, Wei-Liang Wu, Lin Zhou, Xiu Yao and Jiang Chen
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:62
  33. To compare the mean mineral density (MMD) and examine the remineralization of carious dentin after cavity disinfection with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHX) and restoration with high viscosity glass ionomer cemen...

    Authors: Patcharanun Borompiyasawat, Boonsong Putraphan, Sureerat Luangworakhun, Waleerat Sukarawan and Oranuch Techatharatip
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:60
  34. This study evaluated the adhesion and whitening efficacy of a mixture of hydroxyapatite and P11-4 self-assembling peptide (HAP-peptide) on bovine enamel after pre-treatment with low-concentrated sodium hypochl...

    Authors: Niloofar Hojabri and Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:59
  35. Although topical steroids are an effective treatment for oral lichen planus, they can have suppressive effects on oral immunity and predispose the patients to Candida overgrowth. Lactoferrin is a crucial local im...

    Authors: Nuttapong Saengprasittichok, Jeerus Sucharitakul, Oranart Matangkasombut and Chanwit Prapinjumrune
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:58
  36. The study aims to investigate the pulp and periapical reaction and healing after capping with EndoSequence Root Repair Material (ERRM) combined with low-level laser application.

    Authors: Loai Alsofi, Wafaa Khalil, Nada O. Binmadi, Mey A. Al-Habib and Hanan Alharbi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:57
  37. The study aimed to investigate the association between socioeconomic status and severity of oral epithelial dysplasia (OED) using current data from the Taiwanese Nationwide Oral Mucosal Screening Program (TNOM...

    Authors: Tien-En Chiang, Yu-Chun Lin, Chi-Tsung Wu, Sheng-Tang Wu and Yuan-Wu Chen
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:56
  38. This study assessed the frequency of reporting suspected abuse by Egyptian dentists who have examined patients with manifestations of abuse and factors associated with this reporting within the framework of th...

    Authors: Maha El Tantawi, Nouran Nabil, Sawsan H. Mahmoud and Fatma Elhendawy
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:55
  39. To investigate the clinical effect of concentrated growth factors (CGF) combined with deproteinized bovine bone mineral (DBBM) on Alveolar ridge preservation during implantology.

    Authors: Dilinuer Keranmu, Nijiati Nuermuhanmode, Ailimaierdan Ainiwaer, Guli, Dilidaer Taxifulati, Wang Shan and Wang Ling
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:54
  40. Zinc is mainly absorbed in the duodenum and proximal jejunum, which are removed during pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD). Little is known about the adverse oral events and skin disorders caused by zinc deficiency a...

    Authors: Hironobu Hata, Yojiro Ota, Katsuhiko Uesaka, Yutaka Yamazaki, Tsubasa Murata, Chika Murai, Kazuhito Yoshikawa, Kenji Imamachi, Takashi Yurikusa and Yoshimasa Kitagawa
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:52
  41. Several reports suggest that the microbiome of the digestive system affects vaccine efficacy and that the severity of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is associated with decreased diversity of the oral and/or in...

    Authors: Osamu Uehara, Yoshihiro Abiko, Toshiyuki Nagasawa, Tetsuro Morikawa, Daichi Hiraki, Fumiya Harada, Yutaka Kawano, Seiko Toraya, Hirofumi Matsuoka, Durga Paudel, Shintaro Shimizu, Koki Yoshida, Masahiro Asaka, Yasushi Furuichi and Hiroko Miura
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:50

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