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  1. This scoping review systematically summarized the available evidence about the efficacy of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) as an intracanal antibacterial and/or anti-inflammatory.

    Authors: Saleem Abdulrab, Nawras Mostafa, Sadeq Ali Al-Maweri, Hisham Abada, Esam Halboub and Hatem A. Alhadainy
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:398

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Oral Health 2022 22:419

  2. This study aimed to measure the amount of maxillary sinus pneumatization (MSP) extended into alveolar processes in different age groups via cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and its association with age.

    Authors: Xingsheng Wu, Qiudong Cai, Di Huang, Peiwen Xiong and Lianshui Shi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:393
  3. When evaluating the efficacy and safety of various desensitizing products in vitro, their mechanism of action and clinical utility should be considered during test model selection. This study aimed to evaluate...

    Authors: Ruodan Jiang, Yongxiang Xu, Feilong Wang and Hong Lin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:391
  4. Surgical incision, endotracheal intubation, structural changes in the oral cavity, and other factors lead to a divergence in oral care between patients after oral surgery and ordinary inpatients. High-quality ...

    Authors: XiaoJing Wei, MengJuan Jing, XianXian Zhang, ChunPeng Li and LiMing Li
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:389
  5. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant changes in the provision of dental services, aimed at reducing the spread of respiratory pathogens through restrictions on aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). Evaluat...

    Authors: Krystyna Piela, Paddy Watson, Reuben Donnelly, Marilyn Goulding, Fiona L. Henriquez, William MacKay and Shauna Culshaw
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:388
  6. Few studies have investigated oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) in young individuals with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Aims were to investigate whether OHRQoL differs between children and adole...

    Authors: Elisabeth G. Gil, Marit S. Skeie, Josefine Halbig, Birgitta Jönsson, Stein Atle Lie, Marite Rygg, Johannes Fischer, Annika Rosén, Athanasia Bletsa, Keijo Luukko, Xie-Qi Shi, Paula Frid, Lena Cetrelli, Karin Tylleskär, Karen Rosendahl and Anne N. Åstrøm
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:387
  7. Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a heterogeneous neoplastic disorder that is rarely seen in patients aged 60 years and older. It is reported that elderly patients with LCH have a higher chance of having ...

    Authors: Qi Zhang, Xiaoting Wu, Xiaobo Wang, Evenki Pan and Li Ying
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:386
  8. Oral health and ocular diseases may be associated with collagen defects and inflammation status. However, the results from prior studies are conflicting. The aim of this study was to explore the association of...

    Authors: Kun-Zhe Tsai, Pang-Yen Liu, Yen-Po Lin, Shu-I. Pao, Ming-Cheng Tai, Jiann-Torng Chen and Gen-Min Lin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:384
  9. Correctional institution inmates have reduced access to dental care; however, a quantitative assessment of their oral health condition has not yet been performed in South Korea. Therefore, this study aimed to ...

    Authors: Ilkwang Hwang, Kyungtaek Park and Hee-Kyung Park
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:383
  10. Oral cancer is frequently characterized with an aggressive behavior and an unfavorable prognosis; however, it is generally associated with promising prognosis if detected early. Therefore, this study aimed to ...

    Authors: Rola Muhammed Shadid, Mohammad Amid Abu Ali and Omar Kujan
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:381
  11. This study aimed to compare the dimensional accuracy, hydrophilicity and detail reproduction of the hybrid vinylsiloxnether with polyether and polyvinylsiloxane parent elastomers using modified digital techniq...

    Authors: Lamia Singer, Shaymaa I. Habib, Heba El-Amin Shalaby, Sayed H. Saniour and Christoph Bourauel
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:379
  12. Rapid metastasis of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is associated with a poor prognosis and a high mortality rate. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying OSCC metastasis have not been fully elucidate...

    Authors: Shihyun Kim, Suyeon Park, Ji-Hyeon Oh, Sang Shin Lee, Yoon Lee and Jongho Choi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:378
  13. Over the past years, polysaccharide-based scaffolds have emerged as the most promising material for tissue engineering. In the present study, carrageenan, an injectable scaffold has been used owing to its adva...

    Authors: Sruthi Sairaman, M. S. Nivedhitha, Deepti Shrivastava, Meshal Aber Al Onazi, Hmoud Ali Algarni, Mohammed Mustafa, Ali Robaian Alqahtani, Nouf AlQahtani, Kavalipurapu Venkata Teja, Krishnamachari Janani, Rajalakshmanan Eswaramoorthy, M. P. Sudhakar, Mohammad Khursheed Alam and Kumar Chandan Srivastava
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:377
  14. Attachments’ configuration play an important role during Clear Aligner Treatment (CAT) for aligner retention and control of movements planned. The aims were to compare the macroscopic morphology of attachments...

    Authors: Francesca Gazzani, Denise Bellisario, Fabrizio Quadrini, Carlotta Danesi, Andrea Alberti, Paola Cozza and Chiara Pavoni
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:376
  15. Maximum willingness to pay (WTP) for a health benefit is related to perceived value. The goal of this study was to find out how much Iranian healthy people would be willing to pay to keep their natural teeth i...

    Authors: Sulmaz Ghahramani, Nazanin Ziar, Najmeh Moradi, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani and Mohammad Sayari
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:375
  16. Regenerative endodontic procedures (REPs) have achieved clinical success on the immature permanent teeth with pulp necrosis, and can promote root development. However, preoperative factors and their effects on...

    Authors: Qian Zeng, Jianying Zhang, Jiang Guo, Shuya Liu, Maobin Yang and Jiacheng Lin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:374
  17. The comparison of the two Willems dental age estimation methods (gender-specific (Willems I) and non-gender-specific (Willems II)) has not been fully investigated. Here we aimed to explore the applicability of...

    Authors: Jian Wang, Linfeng Fan, Shihui Shen, Meizhi Sui, Jiaxin Zhou, Xiaoyan Yuan, Yiwen Wu, Pingping Zhong, Fang Ji and Jiang Tao
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:373
  18. This study aims to evaluate the association between smoking habits and dental care utilization and cost in individuals registered with the Japan Health Insurance Association, Osaka branch.

    Authors: Kahori Kawamura, Takashi Doi, Keita Kano, Masanori Matsui, Yuka Hattori, Fukutaro Onishi, Hirotsuka Fukata and Tatsuro Miyake
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:372
  19. This cross-sectional study aimed to investigate the prevalence of apical periodontitis (AP) and root-filled teeth in a 65-year-old population in Oslo, Norway, and to investigate associations of pathosis and en...

    Authors: My Tien Diep, Lene Hystad Hove, Dag Ørstavik, Rasa Skudutyte-Rysstad, Anne Thea Tveit Sødal and Pia Titterud Sunde
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:371
  20. In periodontitis, noncoding RNAs may play a regulatory role in the immune microenvironment through competitive endogenous RNA. We aimed to profile noncoding RNA expression and construct immune-related ceRNA ne...

    Authors: Quanquan Zhao, Jing Wen, Xiangying Ouyang, Jianru Liu, Wenyi Liu, Shengnan Zhang, Peiying Lv and Xinzhe Lou
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:370
  21. The surgical extraction of impacted third molars is one of the most common procedures in oral and maxillofacial surgery, which associated with several postoperative complications. The aim of this clinical tria...

    Authors: Sadam Ahmed Elayah, Xiang Liang, Karim Ahmed Sakran, Linyang Xie, Hamza Younis, Ahmed Es. Alajami, Junbo Tu and Sijia Na
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:368
  22. Peri-implantitis of tooth seriously affects the life quality of patients. This study aimed to investigate the role of HSP90AA1 in the inflammatory of human gingival fibroblasts (HGFs) induced by porphyromonas gin...

    Authors: Huang Zhang, Jie Huang, XuSheng Fan, RuiJing Miao and YongWu Wang
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:366
  23. To identify the individual and contextual factors associated with the absence of Brazilians at a scheduled appointment in Dental Specialties Centers (DSC).

    Authors: Inara Pereira da Cunha, Valéria Rodrigues de Lacerda, Gabriela da Silveira Gaspar, Edson Hilan Gomes de Lucena, Fábio Luiz Mialhe, Paulo Sávio Angeiras de Goes, Hazelelponi Querã Naumann Cerqueira Leite and Rafael Aiello Bomfim
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:364
  24. Sealing materials are used to fill abutment screw access holes (SAH) to prevent microleakage and protect the central screws in oral implant restoration. However, thus far, no consensus has been reached on seal...

    Authors: Huangjun Zhou, Sixian Ye, Xingyu Lyu, Hao Feng, Min Liu and Cai Wen
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:362
  25. In mucogingival and implant surgery, an autologous soft tissue graft from the palate is the gold standard for reconstructing missing keratinised soft tissue and volume. Previously, presurgical measurements of ...

    Authors: Anna Seidel, Christian Schmitt, Ragai Edward Matta, Mayte Buchbender, Manfred Wichmann and Lara Berger
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:361
  26. Recently, the application of bulk-fill composite resins has increased significantly. Attrition wear and the consequently increased surface roughness of composite resins are among the causes of restoration fail...

    Authors: Faeze Asadian, Amirahmad Pahlavan Hoseini, Leila Ahmadian, Niyousha Rafeie, Samaneh Rezaei and Zohreh Moradi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:360
  27. The recognition of patient-reported outcomes for oral cancer is important in improving patients’ quality of life. The aim of this study was to translate and validate the modified Sinhala version of the Europea...

    Authors: Shamini Kosgallana, Prasanna Jayasekara, Prasad Abeysinghe, Marianne Hjermstad and Ratilal Lalloo
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:359
  28. Assessment of oral health-related quality of life is now associated to clinical indicators in epidemiological studies. This study aimed at validating the French Short Form of the Child Oral Health Impact Profi...

    Authors: Amal Skandrani, Nada El Osta, Hélène Pichot, Caroline Eschevins, Bruno Pereira and Stéphanie Tubert-Jeannin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:358
  29. There have been no reports on the impact of different reciprocating angles on retreatment performance of reciprocating files. This ex-vivo study compared the efficiency of three reciprocating systems in removi...

    Authors: Ahmad A. Madarati, Aya M. N. Sammani, Ahmad A. Alnazzawi, Ali Alrahlah and Eugenio Pedullà
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:357
  30. Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans are frequently found in persistent endodontic infection and could remain in dentinal tubules despite intracanal medication with calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), a commonly u...

    Authors: Pasika Thienngern, Anchana Panichuttra, Chootima Ratisoontorn, Chuanchom Aumnate and Oranart Matangkasombut
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:354
  31. The doctor/nurse and police officer population have some common typical characteristics of great professional pressure and night shift and past studies indicated oral mucosa lesions were closely associated wit...

    Authors: Yundong Liu, Mi He, Tao Yin, Ziran Zheng, Changyun Fang and Shifang Peng
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:353
  32. The calcification of the tooth pulp is a pathological condition that occurs in response to various factors. A uncommon haematological condition known as paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) is characteri...

    Authors: Ban Jiandong, Zhang Yunxiao, Wang Zuhua, Hou Yan, Geng Shuangshuang, Li Junke, Wang Hongwei and Xu Hua
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:352
  33. Cutaneous melanomas account for more than 95% of all cases of primary melanoma, making non-cutaneous primary melanomas truly rare. Cases of primary mucosal melanomas of the oral cavity have been widely describ...

    Authors: Hassan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Ramtin Dastgir, Shaghayegh Bozorg Zadeh, Fatemeh Mashhadiabbas, Abbas Karimi and Meysam Mohammadi Khah
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:351
  34. This study aims to investigate the rate of caries increment among 11-12-year-old Pakistani children over 18 months using modified International Caries Detection and Assessment Systems II (ICDAS) and subsequent...

    Authors: Muhammad Taqi, Ishak Abdul Razak, Norintan Ab-Murat and Syed Jaffar Abbas Zaidi
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:349
  35. The present study aimed to assess the impact of application of fluoridated- 10% carbamide peroxide (CP) with or without potassium iodide (KI) on silver diamine fluoride (SDF)-treated enamel surface in the prim...

    Authors: Azade Rafiee, Mahtab Memarpour and Hadi Benam
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:347
  36. Periodontal disease is the most common oral health problem among individuals living with disabilities. Any physical impairment and/or mental handicap can compromise the capability to perform oral health care. ...

    Authors: Amare Teshome Tefera, Biruk Girma, Aynishet Adane, Abebe Muche, Tadesse Awoke Ayele, Kefyalew Ayalew Getahun, Zelallem Aniley, Semira Ali and Simegnew Handebo
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2022 22:343

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