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  1. The aim of this study is to investigate, through finite element analysis (FEA), the biomechanical behavior of the built-in angle corrected dental implant versus implant with angled multiunit abutment used in A...

    Authors: Christine Raouf Micheal Ibrahim, Ahmed Sameh and Osama Askar
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:331
  2. With increasing studies being published on regenerative endodontic procedures (REPs) as a treatment modality for mature necrotic teeth, the assessment of outcomes following regenerative endodontic procedures h...

    Authors: Noha Mohamed El-Kateb, Amr Mohamed Abdallah and Rania Noaman ElBackly
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:330
  3. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro effect of the antirheumatic drug methotrexate (MTX) on biomechanically compressed human periodontal ligament fibroblasts (hPDLFs), focusing on the expressi...

    Authors: Claudia Welte-Jzyk, Vera Plümer, Sven Schumann, Andrea Pautz and Christina Erbe
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:329
  4. In esthetic dentistry, a thorough esthetic analysis holds significant role in both diagnosing diseases and designing treatment plans. This study established a 3D esthetic analysis workflow based on 3D facial a...

    Authors: Kwantong Cheung, Waisze Cheung, Yunsong Liu, Hongqiang Ye, Longwei Lv and Yongsheng Zhou
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:328
  5. Environmental toxins are known to have many impacts on growth and development in humans, starting in utero. Alterations in amelogenesis, caused by chemical and physical trauma that occur during the antenatal, ...

    Authors: James R. Winkler, Barbara L. Dixon, Ishita Singh, Ray Soto, Yuqing Qiu, Yue Zhang, Christina A. Porucznik and Joseph B. Stanford
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:326
  6. Marginal alveolar bone loss is one of the key features of periodontitis and can be observed via panoramic radiographs. This study aimed to establish a cascading learning method with deep learning (DL) for prec...

    Authors: Hanwen Yu, Xin Ye, Wanjing Hong, Rui Shi, Yi Ding and Chengcheng Liu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:325
  7. The traditional removal of mandibular anterior teeth has been existing for many years in the Sub-Saharan African countries. This study aimed to assess the prevalence and sociodemographic distribution of tradit...

    Authors: Lutango D Simangwa, Anne N Åstrøm, Anders Johansson, Irene K Minja and Ann-Katrin Johansson
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:324
  8. This study was conducted to assess the influence of combining different forms of fiber-reinforced composites (FRC) on the mechanical behavior and bond strength of compromised endodontically treated teeth (ETT).

    Authors: Dawood Salman Dawood Alshetiwi, Nor Aidaniza Abdul Muttlib, Hatem M. El-Damanhoury, Rabihah Alawi, Normastura Abd Rahman, Nesrin Aly Elsahn and Mohmed Isaqali Karobari
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:323
  9. This animal study sought to evaluate two novel nanomaterials for pulpotomy of primary teeth and assess the short-term pulpal response and hard tissue formation in dogs. The results were compared with mineral t...

    Authors: Sahar Talebi, Nosrat Nourbakhsh, Ardeshir Talebi, Amir Abbas Nourbakhsh, Abbas Haghighat, Maziar Manshayi, Hamid Reza Bakhsheshi, Razieh Karimi, Rahman Nazeri and Kenneth J.D. Mackenzie
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:322
  10. Root canal therapy is one of the main treatments for root canal diseases, and effective irrigation is the key to successful treatment. Side-vented needle is one of the commonly used needle types in clinic. In ...

    Authors: Mingzhou Yu, Yi Li, Mengdie Zhao, Zhengqiu Huang, Na Zhou and Hanhui Jin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:321
  11. This study aimed to evaluate the characteristics of mandibular protrusive condylar trajectory in adolescents with skeletal Class II Division 1 malocclusion and the changes of condylar trajectory during mandibu...

    Authors: Qiuyue Wu, Yueying Zhang, Hua Xiao, Jiajing Zheng, Tianlu Jiang, Yusen Du, Meng Cao and Feifei Li
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:320
  12. In the regenerative endodontic procedures, scaffolds could influence the prognosis of affected teeth. Currently, there is controversy regarding the postoperative evaluation of various scaffolds for pulp regene...

    Authors: Feng Yang, Kai Sheng, Lintong Yu and Jun Wang
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:319
  13. Authors: Van-Khoa Pham, Tran-Lan-Khue Pham, An-Tran Pham, Hoang-Lan-Anh Le, Thi-Bich-Van Tran, Manh-Cuong Hoang, Ta-Binh Vo, Khanh-Ngoc Vy, Minh-Hong Tran, Thi-Anh-Thu Tran, Minh-Anh Bui, Anh-Dung Hoang, Ngoc-Phuc Nguyen, Thi-Tam-Duyen Nguyen, Phuc-Nguyen Nguyen, Thi-Tuong-Vi Tran…
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:318

    The original article was published in BMC Oral Health 2024 24:230

  14. Surgical guides have been proposed in an attempt to reach more predictable outcomes for esthetic crown lengthening. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of esthetic crown length...

    Authors: Eman Borham, Hala Ahmed Abuel-Ela, Islam Shawky Mohamed and Yasmine Ahmed Fouad
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:317
  15. Poor oral hygiene affects the overall health and quality of life. However, the oral hygiene practice in rural communities and contributing factors are not well documented. Accordingly, this study was conducted...

    Authors: Zemichael Gizaw, Negesu Gizaw Demissie, Mulat Gebrehiwot, Bikes Destaw Bitew and Adane Nigusie
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:315
  16. The relationship between joint effusion and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation among joint effusion, clinical features and MRI imagi...

    Authors: Chuanjie Li, Benyi Chen, Rong Zhang and Qingbin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:314
  17. To predict and identify the key demographic and clinical exposure factors associated with dental anxiety among young adults, and to compare if the traditional statistical modelling approach provides similar re...

    Authors: Chukwuebuka Ogwo, Wisdom Osisioma, David Ifeanyi Okoye and Jay Patel
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:313
  18. Immediate implant placement in posterior teeth has become popular in recent years. However, only a few studies focused on evaluating the long-term success of immediate implant placement.

    Authors: Rusama Wipawin, Parinya Amornsettachai, Woraphong Panyayong, Dinesh Rokaya, Sasipa Thiradilok, Patr Pujarern and Suphachai Suphangul
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:312
  19. This study was conducted to investigate the efficiency of periodontal ligament (PDL) stem cell-derived exosome-loaded Emodin (Emo@PDL-Exo) in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) on Streptococcus mutans and

    Authors: Maryam Pourhajibagher and Abbas Bahador
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:311
  20. Rehabilitation of the anterior area when the mesio-distal space is reduced is a challenge for the clinician, due to the patient’s anatomical limitations and aesthetic requirements. Narrow Diameter Implants (ND...

    Authors: Paola Herrera-Pérez, Ana María García-De-La-Fuente, Eztizen Andia-Larrea, Xabier Marichalar-Mendia, José Manuel Aguirre-Urizar and Luis Antonio Aguirre-Zorzano
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:310
  21. Recent forms of translucent zirconia material have been developed, offering a wide range of options and varieties for enhancing aesthetics, making it a preferred choice in the field of prosthetic dentistry. Ho...

    Authors: Mahinour Yousry, Ihab Hammad, Mohamed El Halawani and Moustafa Aboushelib
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:309
  22. Aim of the presented study was to investigate changes in clinical parameters and active matrix metalloproteinase-8 (aMMP-8) levels in gingival crevicular fluid of patients before and during treatment with mult...

    Authors: Priscila Ferrari Peron, Heinrich Wehrbein, Ambili Mundethu, Irene Schmidtmann and Christina Erbe
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:308
  23. CAD/CAM occlusal veneers have been developed for minimally invasive prosthetic restoration of eroded teeth. Marginal adaptation and fracture resistance are crucial for the long-term survivability and clinical ...

    Authors: Amr Rizk, Jylan El-Guindy, Ahmed Abdou, Reem Ashraf, Citra Kusumasari and Farid Emad Eldin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:307
  24. Tobacco consumption adversely affects general and oral health and is considered one of the significant public health burdens globally. The present study aims to assess the barriers and facilitators for attendi...

    Authors: Abdullah Alsoghier, Abdulrahman Alnutaifi, Obaid Alotaibi, Abdulaziz Alotaibi, Abdullah Alharbi, Nada Almubarak and Sara Albassam
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:306
  25. The long time required for bone uptake of radiopharmaceutical material after injection for bone scintigraphy is a burden for patients with poor health. Thus, to assess whether the uptake time could be reduced ...

    Authors: Hironobu Hata, Satoshi Shimomura, Kenji Imamachi, Jun Sato, Takuya Asaka, Kenji Hirata, Kyousuke Funayama, Yoichi Mori, Masashi Matsuzaka, Toshikazu Nambu and Yoshimasa Kitagawa
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:305
  26. Postoperative cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) examination is considered a reliable method for clinicians to assess the positions of implants. Nevertheless, CBCT has drawbacks involving radiation exposure ...

    Authors: Xinrui Han, Donghao Wei, Xi Jiang, Ping Di, Chun Yi and Ye Lin
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:304
  27. The present systematic review and meta-analysis investigated the available evidence about the adherence of Candida Albicans to the digitally-fabricated acrylic resins (both milled and 3D-printed) compared to the ...

    Authors: Mohammed Nasser Alhajj, Esam Halboub, Norlela Yacob, Sadeq Ali Al-Maweri, Siti Fauzza Ahmad, Asja Celebić, Hesham M. Al-Mekhlafi and Nosizana Mohd Salleh
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:303
  28. The IL-23/IL-17 axis plays an important role in the immunopathogenesis of periodontal disease. A systematic review was conducted to synthesize all research reporting on the levels of the IL-23/IL-17 axis in gi...

    Authors: Mario Alberto Alarcón-Sánchez, Celia Guerrero-Velázquez, Julieta Sarai Becerra-Ruiz, Ruth Rodríguez-Montaño, Anna Avetisyan and Artak Heboyan
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:302
  29. This study aimed to investigate the potential associations between alveolar bone thickness, bucco-palatal inclination of maxillary lateral incisors, and lateral incisor root resorption in patients with unilate...

    Authors: Weiman Sun, Yuanyuan Yang, Chenghuan Liu, Houxuan Li and Lang Lei
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:301
  30. Molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) has a high prevalence in the Spanish pediatric population and is a precursor of carious lesions in teeth in which it is present. Although this pathology is included in th...

    Authors: Vallivana Tarazona-Valero, José Manuel Almerich-Silla, José Enrique Iranzo-Cortés, José Carmelo Ortolá-Siscar and Teresa Almerich-Torres
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:300
  31. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex joint that facilitates mandibular movements during speech, chewing, and swallowing activities. The Axis I evaluation of the DC/TMD focuses on assessing physical d...

    Authors: Giuseppe Minervini, Maria Maddalena Marrapodi, Yuliia Siurkel, Marco Cicciù and Vincenzo Ronsivalle
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:299
  32. To determine the efficacy of a newly developed kit in dentine sialophosphoprotein (DSPP) detection and compare it with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). User acceptance was also determined.

    Authors: Jun Hong Steven Tan, Farinawati Yazid, Nurfathiha Abu Kasim, Shahrul Hisham Zainal Ariffin and Rohaya Megat Abdul Wahab
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:298
  33. Children with healthier nutritional status are less likely to develop severe caries than those with a high-sugar content diet. Studies evaluating dental caries and nutritional status in school-age children hav...

    Authors: Kübra Esin, Beyza Ballı-Akgöl, Saniye Sözlü and Betul Kocaadam-Bozkurt
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:297
  34. Overerupted maxillary molars is common in adults, which can lead to insufficient intermaxillary vertical space ,great difficulty in prosthetic reconstruction ,and cause occlusal interference in movements.To re...

    Authors: Qun Lei, Dong Lin, Kaijin Lin, Wenxiu Huang, Dong Wu and Yuyu Liu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:296
  35. This research aimed to investigate fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary premolars restored using preheated thermo-viscous and fiber-reinforced bulk fill resin composite, in vitro.

    Authors: Heba B. Abdel-Maksoud, Bassem M. Eid, Mai Hamdy and Heba M. Abdelaal
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:295
  36. The preparation of the middle mesial (MM) canal of mandibular molars represents a challenge because it is often curved, narrow, and close to the root concave. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ex v...

    Authors: Qi Zhu, Chao Liu, Bingbing Bai, Fan Pei, Ying Tang, Weijian Song, Xiuchun Chen and Yongchun Gu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:294
  37. Photon-initiated photoacoustic streaming (PIPS) with an Er: YAG laser has been introduced in root canal treatment to improve irrigation and facilitate the removal of bacteria in the root canal system. This stu...

    Authors: Jian Zhao, Shengxuan Wu, Yuting Huang, Yuxuan Zhao, He Liu, Qianzhou Jiang, Ya Shen and Minle Chen
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:293
  38. Patients experiencing any malocclusion, may desire for treatment. However, there is no scientific information orthodontic treatment demand and the knowledge of young adults about orthodontic treatment. The aim...

    Authors: Maciej Jedliński, Joyce Belfus, Marta Milona, Marta Mazur, Katarzyna Grocholewicz and Joanna Janiszewska-Olszowska
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:292
  39. Achieving sufficient professional mechanical biofilm removal (PMPR) can be challenging in supportive periodontal therapy (SPT), particularly in patients with prosthetic restorations. This experimental study ai...

    Authors: Miriam Cyris, Philipp Holtmann, Christof E. Dörfer, Louise Holtmann, Matthias Kern and Christian Graetz
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:291
  40. To identify the patterns and influencing factors of oral health service utilization among college students, and further to provide scientific evidence for policy making on oral health education and behavioral ...

    Authors: Yunquan Cai, Shaobo Zeng, Yimei Hu, Lingfeng Xiao, Yanqing Liao, Zihui Yan, Wenxiang Zha, Junwang Gu, Qi Wang, Ming Hao and Chunmei Wu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:289
  41. Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) play important roles in protecting cells against oxidative stress and toxic chemicals. This study aimed to investigate the distribution of GSTM1, GSTT1, and GSTP1 variants and th...

    Authors: Pavla Izakovicova, Antonin Fassmann, Ladislav Dusek and Lydie Izakovicova Holla
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:288
  42. Evidence-based dentistry suggests pulpotomy as a potential alternative to root canal treatment in mature permanent teeth with irreversible pulpitis. However, the evidence surrounding the cost-valuation and cos...

    Authors: Nighat Naved, Fahad Umer and Asif R. Khowaja
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:285
  43. Tongue squamous cell carcinoma (TSCC) is the most common oral cavity cancer, and p16 immunohistochemistry is an exact and available tool in the prognostic and predictive characterization of squamous cell cance...

    Authors: Zhan Yuanbo, Liu Tianyi, Song Xuejing, Liu Xinpeng, Wang Jianqun, Xu Wenxia and Geng Jingshu
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:283
  44. Authors reported multiple definitions of e-oral health and related terms, and used several definitions interchangeably, like mhealth, teledentistry, teleoral medicine and telehealth. The International Associat...

    Authors: Rodrigo J. Mariño, Sergio E. Uribe, Rebecca Chen, Falk Schwendicke, Nicolas Giraudeau and Janneke F. M. Scheerman
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2024 24:280

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